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About Us

A global catalytic influence in all spheres of society.

Our Vision

Guiding you toward success for your kingdom venture!

Who We Are

Kingdomize Global was formed to be a global catalytic influence in all spheres of society. Our goal is to champion the transformational message of God’s Kingdom embedded in the Great Commission (Matthew 28) and the Lord’s Prayer ( Mathew 6) that affirms Jesus redemptive mission to disciple all nations, and see God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 

We are a multi-gifted team, combining global expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality.

Our goal is to nurture the life-giving influence of God’s kingdom and establish it as the norm in all spheres of influence.

What We Do

Kingdomize Global provides comprehensive consulting and facilitation services that are designed to guide new and evolving organizations toward internal Kingdom culture and external kingdom impact.

Our team works to “design systems and eco-systems to create flourishing environments so that people and organizations can achieve their Kingdom oriented goals”. Our focus is in four specific areas, developing a Kingdom worldview, Spiritual Formation, Transformational Leadership, and Community Transformation.

Our extensive roster of world class facilitators, coaches and tools provide a 360 degree impact on your initiative.

Our Team

We combine global expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality.
  • Bruce Mann

    Reflecting on the past 35 years, Bruce has had the privilege of serving in an eclectic group of initiatives

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      That have provided a broad range of experience in the for-profit, non-profit, and congregational ministry arenas.

      Building seems to have always been at the heart of what motivates Bruce. Using skills obtained as a home builder, Bruce was fortunate to lead the development and construction of children’s camps across Canada with Crossroads Christian Communications. In later years he took the same principles used to build buildings and develop properties and applied them to building and developing organizations with Crossroads and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship as the National Director of Camping Ministry. Those same desires led Bruce to pastoring for 10 years. During that time Bruce led a small congregation through significant growth and a shift to a new paradigm of outreach and ministry. All these experiences have had a common thread running through them, one of building up and developing people to reach their potential and see God’s kingdom and influence extended.

      Through all these roles and responsibilities Bruce’s wife, Wanda has been right there providing her own unique gifts and abilities while at the same time pursuing her own path in music and worship leading nationally and internationally.

      The most important role and privilege that Bruce and Wanda have is to be the parents of five remarkable children, all of whom are married to wonderful spouses and to date, there are 17 grandchildren. At this stage in their lives Bruce and Wanda are increasingly aware of the power of being intentional about the legacy they will leave.

      Bruce is currently serving as the Executive Pastor of the Paris Presbyterian Church in Paris Ontario, gives leadership to a significant transformation movement in Sierra Leone and provides coaching & consulting services to leaders and many spheres of influence.

  • Ian Green

    He is a speaker, coach, consultant and author with over four decades of experience inspiring,

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      networking and motivating individuals and organisations to think bigger.

      His unique ability to ask the difficult questions, stir vision, impart faith and create leadership development processes are the hallmarks of his style.

      He has worked in over 80 countries in the world. He has a passion to to see Business’s, NGO’s, Educational entities and governments reach their full potential.

      Today he is the CEO of Global Transformation working to see a matrix of organisations collaborating to see communities flourish economically, socially, relationally, spiritually and educationally. Bringing about long-lasting transformation.

      As a visionary leader Ian is also a sought after speaker traveling globally, engaging with communities of faith, NGO’s, organisations and businesses stirring them to become solution orientated in their areas of influence.

      Ian published his first book in 2017 – Checking into Faith which is filled with real-life stories of living life by faith. He is married to Judith and they have two grown up children, Sophie & Morgan.

  • David Koerts

    David Koerts, married, father of 2 children, has a passion for discipling culture.

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      He is a networker and business developer leading to personal and societal well-being.

      As sales engineer, service manager, coach, church planter and lead pastor, he has experienced broad and cross-industry development. He established national initiatives and a national training organization in leadership development. Having been part of several global think tanks on discipling nations he started a several Kingdom driven companies to elevate people and lift culture.

  • Brian Beattie

    Brian is a husband, father, author, speaker and visionary leader.

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      He is National Director of Transformation Canada and the Lead Pastor of Freedom House in Brantford, Ontario.

      Brian is also the founder and owner of Leadership By Design, a consulting company working with individuals and groups to enhance personality, passion and performance.

  • Bruce Friesen